LeJoyComputers is a member of   WiDOB Communications.  Like many other Internet-based companies, LeJoyComputers is a new company with a tremendous potential for growth. Like other Internet-related companies LeJoyComputers was set up to take advantage of the exponential growth of the Internet and to bring its immense cost-saving, time-to-market benefits to consumers.
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As computer and Internet professionals, our business is to bring you the best hardware and software and match that with an unparalleled commitment to one-on-one customer care and ultimate satisfaction. To fulfill this aim, we've teamed up with experienced Internet players to bring you world-class brands such as Toshiba, IBM and Microsoft. Start browsing our showcase today and you'll know what we mean..


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Also, as Internet professionals, we keep you informed by providing you with the latest developments on the Internet. Read our bi-weekly newsletter.

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