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Trends in Unique Visitors
  • The number of monthly visitors (At Home and Work combined) to the Internet grew nearly 15 percent over the past twelve months from 53.9 million in May 1998 to 61.9 million in May 1999.

Trends in Content Viewed

  • The average number of unique Web pages viewed per visitor per day increased by 23.8 percent to 37.4 pages in May 1999 from 30.2 pages in May 1998.
  • The number of pages viewed per month increased nearly 50 percent over the past twelve months, from 308 Unique Pages Per Visitor in May 1998 to 455 Per Visitor in May 1999.
  • Total Pages Viewed on the World Wide Web in the month of May 1999 topped 28 billion, nearly a 70 percent increase over May 1998.
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Trends in Time Spent
  • The number of days users accessed the Internet increased nearly 20 percent from 10.2 days in May 1998 to 12.2 days in May 1999.
  • Internet users spent over 40 percent more time on the Internet in May 1999 than they did a year ago - an increase from 5.3 average hours per person in May 1998 to 7.6 hours last month.
  • The total number of hours spent on the Internet increased by two-thirds to 1.2 billion hours in May 1999 from 709 million hours in the same month last year.

Revenue Up

* NASCENT INTERNET ECONOMY GENERATES $300 BILLION...In 1998 the U.S. Internet economy generated more than $300 billion in revenue and 1.2 million jobs, according to a new University of Texas study funded by Cisco Systems Inc. The study also says e-commerce totaled $102 billion for U.S.-based companies in 1998, and that companies with significant Internet revenues have a combined market value of more than $2.4 trillion.

Source: Medtia Metrix

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