After two decades of emancipation Africa is now more enslaved than ever before, maybe since the history of time itself. Not only can it not survive with the aid of those its warring liberators fought, but the children of these fighters are not only deploring the state of affairs but flocking to the shores of the ex-masters. It’s as if the aid were not enough. It’s as if the town crier had just announced the approach of venomous, man-eating locusts; those that would not only consume the crops but also the planters.

Europeans have been extremely accommodating. They could look back to what Africans did to them only two decades ago and employ a tit-for-tat. Instead, they welcomed these flocks of Africans with open hands. Now they can’t take it any longer as many indigens find themselves swamped by people whose cultures and habits are contrary to theirs. But what really drives them nuts is that there are government programs that seem to favor immigrants over and above the natives. Equal opportunity, or representation of all sectors of population, sometimes means that a white native could be turned down because that position is reserved for a person of color, as they call it. Resentment is brewing and nationalist parties are on the rise throughout Europe: the neo-Nazis in Germany, Jean Marie Le Pen in France and the National Front in England. Now, in their rage they even go as far as killing innocent people, especially helpless children, just because they are black. But they were also born in Europe!

Rising discrimination doesn’t deter Africans from seeking a better life in Europe. It’s Out of Africa Everybody time. Those who go to Europe to study there often remain after their studies even though in their heart of hearts they’d love to return where their hearts are. But how can they, when all what their families tell them is bad news from home: they have no money to buy basic necessities; there are no jobs; the situation is hopeless.

How would they return when hopelessness is no one’s craving? So Africa’s cream of the crop - the Einsteins who could turn things around for a continent that desperately needs a turn-around - end up as intellectual refugees in foreign lands where oftentimes, they are rejected. In many cases, not even their high qualifications are taken into account. They can’t find jobs or won’t be given them because they are not European passport holders. Born in Africa, they are condemned forever.