Many Africans blame colonialism for their woes. How stupid, callous and egregious! The colonialists, in my opinion, were far better governors than the current masters of doom. Were it not for them, Africa would not even know the notion of statehood, let alone have it. If colonialism is to blame, then how come that countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Indonesia have made such phenomenal economic strides? These countries were liberated about the same time as most African states, yet a small country such as Taiwan, with very little political representation, has a GNP far greater than that of all African countries combined. Shame on Africa!

Words like these are anathema to the leaders that be of the so-called dark continent. It’s like the place is cursed. Criticize and your fate is doomed. If this weren’t the case, then how come that Cameroonian commoners are not allowed to go near the official residence and offices of the president? Did the president build that building from his own pocket? You can’t even take pictures of the place otherwise you may never ever return to your new country of residence, for the boys in khaki may soon be after you, your head to chop off.

Talking about the boys in khaki, the police that is, instead of manning their stations and doing exactly what they should be doing, they are lining the dilapidated narrow strips of roads they call the highways. Doing what? They stop every car that passes by, checking for goodness knows what. This is a terrible place, somewhere anyone with a free conscience and love for his homeland would find intolerable. It’s not that Cameroonians are insouciant, though that is prevalent in some quarters such as those overmanned ministries. Cameroonians are some of the most indefatigably industrious people in the world. They are just unfortunate to have dictatorial, selfish and mindless rulers, the police, customs officers, and the rest lord over them.

The question is how long will the authorities allow the situation

to degenerate?

I’m not a pessimist. As a positive thinker, I believe there is no situation that can not be reversed for the good of mankind. Look at the diseases that have plagued us since time immemorial. Yet, as diehards, we’ve not only been able to withstand their atrocious onslaught but have even eradicated some of them. We’ll soon find a cure to ailments as deadly as AIDS.

Cameroon could undoubtedly be a tourist mecca. Its flora and fauna is unparalleled. Its mountains & ravines unrivaled. Its people welcoming. Its forests pristine. Its beaches unspoiled . Its soil rich. What’s more, it’s got mineral resources. With such endowments, Cameroon could be a paradise-in-waiting. Its tourist industry could get such a lift that it could equal destinations such as Paris [where its moguls frolic, revel, cajole, spoil and reside], London and New York. It only takes visionaries: Cameroonians and other well-wishers with a dream, mission, drive and determination to make a difference. Cameroon can never progress given the state of affairs as it is today: egotistical politicians hanging on to power no matter what, till death parts them; corrupt officials; ineptitude; intolerance; a grotesque system of education, poor roads and other vices.