"I’m emotionally perturbed because of all these experiences. Now, when I’m walking the streets I shiver and tremble. I’ve witnessed many of my friends apprehended just like that. They weren’t committing any crimes, just happened to have over-stayed to make ends meet. Then they are imprisoned instead of being deported. And what’s the condition of those jails? Appalling. They put them in the basements with no ventilation, no windows, no good food. The thought of it makes me shake. Go see it for yourself.

"Japan is more developed than Taiwan. There are illegals there, too. The government knows about that, but so long as they pay their taxes and keep the law, the government doesn’t feel threatened. Foreigners are flocking here in droves. They work hard and help the economy. So long as they are law-abiding, I see no reason why the Taiwanese can’t allow them to work. The industry needs them. They do their menial jobs. Besides, why can’t they let students work part time as they do in other countries.

"Another thing that gets on my nerves is that, all in all, the only Blacks the Taiwanese have any sort of regard for are the Americans. If you happen to be Black but you’re not from America, then you’re a nobody.

"With all these problems, I’ve made up my mind not to study here any longer. Home is home and it’s sweet. Ghana is developing. It’s not as developed as Taiwan but I know that someday it will be. So, I’ll go home and tell our people not to think of going to the UK or the US or anywhere like that but to stay home where their friends are and unite to fully utilize the resources we’ve got and someday, we too will be there. Someday, we’ll not be the scum of the earth or its laughingstock.

"I’ll also take with me the positive things I have learned here. I have worked with some of these people at construction sites and seen women working like men. In school, I’ve seen the Chinese study pretty hard. One minus about Ghana is that once you’re tops, you’re always tops. Here, the competition is pretty intense. The Chinese are not lazy, laid back. That’s a good thing. I’ll emulate that plus and take it home.