Chapter 1

Admissions and Apologies

Writing in England’s conservative Daily Telegraph newspaper, Peregrine Worsthorne, a blue-blooded Briton, called on fellow Caucasians to treat Blacks with respect.

"...It should be incumbent on every decent person to take special care to protect black sensitivities — an obligation not one wit less mandatory than taking care to protect Jewish sensibilities. For the Blacks, too, have been deeply wronged, in some ways even more damagingly than the Jews. Not even Hitler dismissed the Jews as savages and sub-normally stupid...The Jews were hated for superhuman [howbeit diabolical] superiority rather than for any subhuman inferiority. Not so the Blacks, who were regarded as, at best, retarded or delinquent children [even when old] and at worst, as wild and savage.

"The idea of the Black races as congenially retarded is still very much alive and kicking," Worsthorne continued. And though interracial relations in his country have improved in recent years, "One is surely permitted to wonder whether even the worst and cruellest excesses of anti-Semitism have ever done as much psychic damage to the Jews, to their pride and self-esteem, as color prejudice has done to Black racial pride and self-esteem."

"Jews are assumed to be clever until proved stupid. With the Blacks, it is quite the opposite. They are assumed stupid until proved clever. This is a terrible handicap for the Blacks to carry, and it is as heavy today as it was."

That’s true in Europe and America and is certainly the case here in Taiwan.    

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