Chapter VII

Desmond Lost His Sight

Desmond is in many ways like Jackson and Adiola. Jackson died in his twenties. Adiola lost in his mind. He was in his twenties, too. For Desmond, it is his sight.

He had secured himself a job at a mushroom breeding factory in Taoyuan, near Taipei. Like Jackson, a regular salary could go a long way to help Desmond and his folks back home. Like Jackson, Desmond wasn’t covered by the National Health Insurance plan.

To ensure year-round supply of mushrooms, like many other agricultural products, growers have embarked on using chemicals that do not only harm our health in the long run but can inflict terrible physical pain when improperly administered.

Desmond fell victim to these toxins. Uninsured and certainly an over-stayer, he would not dare go for a check up at the hospital. It wasn’t until the itches had become unbearable that Desmond forced himself to see the doctor.

But it was too late. Desmond lost his sight. He’d come to Taiwan to best his stakes. He ended up like a lot of other Africans in Taiwan: a miserable creature.