I finally got round to reading your book, which gave me a lot to think about, I found it quite disturbing actually. Racism is not something I've ever really given much thought to, but now you've got my mind doing overtime. It's really quite sad that people can be firstly so thoughtless, but secondly, and worse so "thoughtful" i.e.prejudiced what I mean by this is that their actions/utterances are premeditated or thought out.

Joanne Edgar, Germany


"Now, your book. I can see why you've been designated SENIOR WRITER at MITAC. I had planned to get an early night, having gone to bed at 1,30 a.m. the previous night. But I started the book and had to finish it. Then I stayed awake for ages, reliving some of my experiences and analyzing them and wondering and hoping. You shared your experiences, hopes and emotions with humor and this adds to their depth. Or maybe it's the heaviness of the stuff that adds to the humor. Anyway we need them both. I have read some South African anti-apartheid literature - poems, plays, novels. The most poignant are those which portray the reality without bitterness, not an easy task. I wonder about this: I have a hurtful experience. I wallow in self pity. On the other hand, is God allowing this thing so that I can comfort others and understand. I still think, though, that we can understand others' hurts without needing to experience the pain ourselves and I want all the hurt in the world to stop.

"Enough for now. If you come here, ask me to tell you about the time I was thrown off a moving train by two white bullies because I got on the white carriage of the train after visiting my friends in the Black township. I will tell it with glee. (Needless to say, I never got on the White side of the train again.)"

Eve, a white South African teacher

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