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Name: Paul LeJOY n Ekane
Date of Birth: April 8th 1966
Education: Master's Degree
University: University of Kent, England
Graduation Year: 1989
Languages English, French & Chinese
Current Occupation: Senior Writer, Marketing Communications
Current Employer: MITAC International Corporation
Job Description: I work in the marketing communications department. I am in charge of writing advertisements, catalogs, press releases, TV infomercials, DMs, online newsletter, bi-monthly magazine, annual corporate profile & financial report, Internet content as well as the scripts for MITAC's CD-titles showcasing the company's corporate image and products.

I have been with MITAC for the past six years. Besides MITAC, I have written press releases for Philips, adverts and DMs for Elitegroup and CD content for Pioneer, all of Taiwan.

MITAC is one of the largest computer companies in Taiwan. The company manufactures computers for international brands such as Compaq, HP and Sharp and also maintains a global network of distributors selling its own branded products.

For the past six months, I have been MITAC's Global Materials Manager handling SUN Microsystems projects but my passion is marketing communications and not global logistics.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Radio, Film and Television Production, a Master's degree in International Relations/Economics, a postgraduate Diploma in Publishing, and ample teaching and computer experience.

I'm well versed in communications both in writing and speaking. A people-person and a man with a gregarious disposition, I find writing and speaking a pleasure. As well as being an avid writer and eloquent speaker, I am very good at computer-related design and publishing. In fact, I have written several articles and five novels, two of which were designed and published by me. I also have my own web site and have advised people on how to design eye-catching webpages. MITAC's bi-monthly magazine is written and partly designed by me. 

I'm excited about the Internet and have been involved in the technology since 1995. Please visit my web site to find out more about me. Go to or

I'm equally thrilled by multimedia. With the latest software offerings, the sky is the only limit to what an enthusiastic professional like me can do. A television studies graduate, I'm skilled in both analog and digital video production.

Besides the most commonly used tools such as Word, I'm quite comfortable with the following graphic and productivity software: Adobe Photoshop, Ulead MediaStudio, Macromedia Flash, Microsoft Frontpage, and Adobe PageMaker.

My Personality:





A no-nonsense kind of person, I take delight in productivity. In my pursuit for creative excellence I aim for the best, working with flair, finesse and panache. A self-starter and a no men-pleaser, I require minimum supervision. For me, the end justifies the means. "Has the job been done?" not "Who is responsible for failing to do what is supposed to have been finished?" is my modus operandi. Though independence best describes my nature, I'm nontheless given to teamwork. Many hands do light work, the saying goes, and No one is an island, goes another. I simply can't afford to isolate myself from others. Therefore, when a job calls for joint brainstorming, cooperation and teamwork, you can count me in.

I'm pretty outgoing and really enjoy  the company of good people,especially in non-smoking, non-profane environments. I get along well with people and always wear a broad smile.

Hobbies: I love to travel. I enjoy writing and playing music as well as singing. I enjoy socials, especially in non-smoking environments. For me, sport is not only the in thing but an important aspect of healthy living. To this end, I take part in weekly competitive exercises with colleagues and also do aerobics regularly.
Position Sought: I have a vast experience as a copywriter, webmaster and multimedia creator and I am also a natural communicator. Therefore,  I consider myself an excellent candidate for creative/technical writing, multimedia production and advertising  especially in the fields of computers, the Internet, TV and print media. Other ideal positions include sales and marketing especially in the fields mentioned above.
Contact Information
Mailing Address:

40 Wen Hwa 2nd Road                                            Kwei Shan Shiang                                                 Taoyuan County Taiwan 333*                                     

Telephone: 0936-125-514 [M], 03-396-2888 ext. 6124
Fax: 02-2600-8556
Email Address:
Internet Websites: and

* Please note that I'm Canadian and I'm planning to move back to Canada by end of September. As a matter of fact, I'm in Vancouver now but will be returning to Taiwan next week (September 6) to get my luggage. I've lived in Taiwan for more than 8 years and now want to return to Canada for good.