The Internet has become the hottest technology in our time. Everyone is getting on the bandwagon: corporations and individuals alike.

A company without a Web site is a laughingstock in our fast-paced world. The Internet is redefining the way we do business and it will only get better.

WiDOB has been involved in HTML programming since the advent of the Internet. We will help design your home page no matter how small or how big, simple or complex it may be.

And with the wonderful world of emailing, all you need to do is email us and send us your material [text, graphics and directions] and leave the rest to us. We can even help to package your company in writing: company profiles, press releases, brochures etc.

With ample experience, ample expertise, great enthusiasm and reasonable fees, you simply couldn't go wrong choosing WiDOB.

Any questions? Please email me:

886-3-328-9000 ext. 6793 [O] or 886-22-600-8556 [H]

Fax: 886-3-327-7591

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