Make Heaven Your Eternal Home

"No has seen, no ear has heard, neither has the mind of man conceived the things that God has prepared for those who love Him." 2 Corintians 2:9.

I have never been to Heaven but I know without a show of doubt that Heaven is a wonderful place.  It doesn't take a genuis to figure this out. We don't need any more signs from out of this world before we believe this. Things of this world alone suffice; they are a foreshadow of things to come.

I love to travel and see the beautiful world we inhabit. No country is devoid of spectacles and magnificence. They are all endowed with picturesque sceneries and dazzling sites.  Even though we have polluted the environment and depleted the ozone layer the earth is still resplendent in beauty and majesty.

In the beginning God created paradise on earth, made man, Adam, and provided a beautiful companion, Eve, for him. They had everything they wanted, perfection and peace until they disobeyed. Then came the curse and   evil, pollution and sin have increased ever since.

Which brings us to this question: What's Heaven? In my opinion, Heaven is a physical place and a state of mind. Heaven is the absence of conflict, pain, disappointment, hatred, sin and death. Heaven is where love acts out its full role. There is bliss in the form of total health, radiant beauty, perfect peace, pure love and absolute joy.

Physically, Heaven is a place with no equals.  Ever wonder why lovers go to beautiful parks to celebrate their love? Well, we were created in God's image, and the love for parks and nature runs in the family. It started with the Father up above.

Here's a picture of what I belive Heaven may look like. Bear in mind that my human description falls way short of the real thing.

The garden in Heaven is breathtaking. It's not only filled with trees and flowers but also the living water. The grass is crisp, cool, brilliant green and alive. Its colors are intense. When light strikes an object, it reflects off that object in a certain color. Thousands of shades are possible. Light in Heaven comes from within and is a living essence. A million, a billion colors are possible.

The flowers are so vivid and luminescent with color that they don't seem to be solid. Every minute part of a flower is filled with its own life and can be reorganized with other elements to create anything in existence.

A beautiful river runs through the garden. It is fed by a large cascading waterfall of the purest water, and from there it fed into a pond. The water dazzles with its clarity and life. The water is life too. A melody of majestic beauty carries from the waterfall and feels the garden, eventually merging with other melodies. The music comes from the water itself and each drop produces its own tone and melody which mingles and interacts with every sound and strain around it. The water praises God for its life and joy. The overall effect seems beyond the ability of any symphony or composer on planet earth. In comparison, our best music on earth sounds like a child playing a tin drum. We simply don't have the capacity to understand the vastness and strength of the music over there, let alone begin to create it.

I don't know about you. I love to have a big house by the beach, a mansion complete with an all-year-round swimming somewhere in Malibu or some other paradisiacal place. I enjoy magnificent views. I'd love the ocean front, a beautiful wife and fine kids sharing it all with me. And I'd love to have excellent health, eternal youth, all of my teeth, no pimples, no blemishes, no security guards, no fear, no death.  This is only a bona fide human longing.

In Heaven above, we can have it all. But we need a ticket to enter in. Can you imagine ever going to the movies with a ticket? People pay thousands just to watch a good boxing bout. How about someone coming to you and offering you your dream house. You and your sweetheart are all excited. Where are the keys? you ask.

You can go to Heaven and have everything that it comes with, but you've gotta take your ticket. That ticket is spelled JESUS. Just five letters. Your dream vacation in dreamland for only five letters? You've gotta be kidding. But it's that simple, my friend.

Accept Jesus as your friend TODAY. He's at the door knocking. Are you sleeping? Wake up. There's this Stranger at the door. He's about to make you day. He's got all the goodies, everything you've ever dreamed of. Come on, let Him in.

Paul LeJOY, Taipei,  March 17th , 1999