Hello, my name is Paul, and I like to be called Paul. My family name is EKANE but since I do not really know what the heck that means, I have decided to rename myself LeJOY. LeJOY because I'm a man resonating with panache and joy. [You can read more about this in My Philosophy].


As far as work goes, I'm currently working as a business and technology writer for MITAC International Corp. [MIC], a billionaire company and one of Taiwan's top three suppliers of personal computers. I write all English publications: product and corporate press releases, catalogs, advertisements, annual report and the company profile. One of my main duties is to write, design, and publish MITAC Minute, our bi-monthly publication chronicling technology and business trends and MITAC's strategies vis--vis such trends, our new product press releases, as well as the activities of our overseas branch offices and distributors.

  Before I joined MITAC, I worked for International Village, writing articles and teaching English alongside. I'd go to work @ 1 p.m., write till 7 p.m. and then teach from then to 9 p.m. Sometimes, students would come for salon English and we'd talk for an hour or so; a good setting for them to practice their communicative English skills. In class, I encouraged a lot of role playing, which I video-taped and showed the students soon afterwards. Without sounding my own trumpet, my classes were packed with fun and chuckles and giggles. I had a lot of fun teaching those college students.
International Village was a good place for me to develop my writing career. I was paid to do what I love to do: writing. I was thrilled to pieces to know that I'd be using my own articles to teach English. Being what I am: humorous, positive, energetic and, some say, crazy [see My WORD for more], I was delighted to transmit my ideas, as it were, to these students and especially so because they treasured my works. Some still keep my articles up until this day.
I left International Village because the company was losing money due to the dog-go-eat-dog competition that prevails in Taipei. The rents were high, the students not so plenty as they'd wish. That's when I joined MITAC.

I arrived in Taiwan five years ago. My intention was to stay for a year, but like many foreigners, I have stayed here even though that may be against my will. But life is like that; you can't have everything; just do the best you can and carry on. [See My Philosophy for insight].

I enjoy my job at MITAC and having relocated to the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle that Taipei is, things have only gotten better.

Please call: 886-3-328-9000 ext. 6793, fax: 886-3-327-7591 or e-mail me should you have any questions relating to the topics above.

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