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 March 29, 1998
Haptek Virtual Friend -- Roswell 1.0 ScreenShotHaptek Virtual Friend -- Roswell 1.0
And you thought the Dancing Baby was scary -- ha! You're in for a real treat with this morphing virtual friend. If you don't get the creeps from this dude, you're made of steel.
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File Mine Features
jewel Words of Fortune 3.5
Beat your family and friends at this popular word trivia game styled on one of America's favorite television game shows.

pack April Superior Shareware
Check out the hottest picks in shareware and freeware from the April 1998 issue of Windows Magazine.

jewel Visual IRC '97
Get the usual Internet Relay Chat bells and whistles, along with a few unexpected others, with this chat client.

pack Dancing Baby Downloads Pack
The Dancing Baby has become one of the most famous downloads in history. Whether you think it's the cutest computerized craze since Tamogotchis, or are scared to death by it, here's your guide to downloads of the tangoing toddler.

jewel CD Streamer
Music maniacs, take note! You can easily convert individual music tracks from your audio CDs into RealAudio files with CD Streamer.

pack Oscars Pack
Download a screensaver featuring your favorite star, grab some popcorn, and settle in to see who wins this year's Academy Awards.

jewel ImageWolf 1.03
Artists, fans of popular culture, and webmasters: Let this Internet agent search for, locate, and download image and movie files from the Web to your computer.

pack Multi Arcade Machine Emulator (M.A.M.E.) Game Pack
Aah, the old days, when the best games were only available at the local arcade, pizza shop, or bar, and you had to stand up to play them. Relive those days with exact copies of your favorite arcade games, playable on your PC with the M.A.M.E. player and game modules.

pack Intranet Webmaster Pack
Sure, you can use the same tools to create and manage your intranet as you do for your Internet website -- but why? We've gathered programs geared specifically to the needs of your corporate intranet to help you take care of your internal Web.

jewel PayCheck 98, Ink 5.0
Get your taxes done right, and right on the money, with this easy-to-use tax tool. You'll always know where your tax situation stands, you'll be up-to-the-minute current on tax laws, and you'll avoid potential tax surprises year-round.

Our Top 10...
1.Budweiser Frogs Screensaver
2.M.A.M.E. ver. 0.30 for Win 95/NT
3.GetRight 3.1
4.Boogie Baby Screensaver
5.Mirabilis ICQ 98
6.Pop! The Balloon Dog Puzzle Game 1.1
7.Paint Shop Pro 5 Beta 2.6
8.WebVCR 2.0
9.ProblemTracker 1.0
10.ProShop 2.01
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