I believe life is what you make it. As the saying goes, you make your bed and lie in it.

Life is all about choices. You and I can decide to live a happy life or a sad one. We can decide to be rich or poor, all things being equal. And we can even determine how healthy we are or how sickly.

I believe that if you and I decide to embrace positive thinking, if we wake up and decide we're gonna have a wonderful day, then we can do just that.

We can be winners in spite of the circumstances surrounding us. We can decide to bless instead of cursing. We can embrace the light and shine it in the darkness. We can decide to make a difference, be a difference.

I'm amazed at what mankind can do. I can't cease to wonder at the achievements we have attained especially in this century. Do I need to enumerate? So if we can do all these miraculous things, how come we can't have abundant lives? How come we can't dedicate ourselves to our spouses? How come we are miserable? How come we hate others and even ourselves, inspite of the unfathomable beauty we have been endowed with?

I believe that we can overcome our psychological and emotional impediments especially if we'd heed the Good Word from the Good Lord.

Paul LeJOY

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