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You will be glad that the advent of the Internet is revolutionizing business. E-commerce generated only US$10 billion in 1997. By the year 2001, that figure is predicted to skyrocket to a whopping US$357 billion. Already, some companies are raking in millions a day on Internet sales, among which are Cisco [US$9 million per day], Dell Computer [US$4 mpd], and Apple [US$3 mpd]. and are other big winners.

Well, you don't have to own a company as big as any of the above and you certainly don't need to earn millions a day to be included among the . Wouldn't you be glad to make an extra US$500 per week or month?

Yes, you can.

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Finally a company that actually helps your build a solid secure home-based business, and best of all you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

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"Never has there been a single company that has generated such intense interest from the business community. Word has spread like electricity to thousands of people like never before. Faxes roll, phones ring, electronic bulletin boards light up like a Manhattan skyline."

Most people realize that if something does not change they will be doomed to run like a hamster on a treadmill until the day they retire! Are you tired of being a pawn in someone else's chess game?

Imagine for a second a company that actually helps you build a solid secure home-based business all from the comfort of your own home. Streamline's trademarked Online Recruiter™ could actually put active distributors under you! This takes the effort off you from having to go out and sponsor or recruit like a superstar!

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Streamline has designed a system that enables the 97% of MLM'ers who have never earned more than a few hundred dollars to finally feel the freedom of building a solid home-based business without the hassles of sponsoring family and friends or selling products.

Streamline offers the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry.

"The best thing about Streamline's compensation plan is that it’s for real people! No false pie-in-the-sky million dollar's in 90-days promise. Sure, I guess it’s doable if someone is willing to put the work in but Streamline is about average everyday working people. People like you and me. People who do not have an extra 20+ hours per week or thousands of dollars to dump into something."

"Now don't get me wrong. There are some superstars in Streamline who are putting this business together in a BIG way, but let's face it. If something is going to work for you and me it must take little to no time and above all I don't want to go out and bug my friends and family with overpriced, undervalued products. In fact, if I can simply buy for myself and let the system do the rest that would be perfect!"

"How does an extra $600 - $2,000 per month sound? Need a little more, how does $5,000 a month sound? These types of incomes are extremely possible with Streamline's autopilot system."

More aggressive networkers can expect to earn incomes into the tens of thousands of dollars within a very short amount of time.

We have put together a very unique but Powerful High-Tech Recruiting System™. In fact, this system is so powerful, it is protected under U.S. trademark laws.

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