If you are seeking the truth, if you are not satisfied with your current state of mind and health, if you want to have peace, love and joy, then read on.

His love is unfathomable. His grace and mercy beyond measure. Joy divine, love excelling He gives to everyone that comes to Him in sincerity.

This is not a fable, my friend. I'm not writing this under duress or something. This is not someone forcing me to do this. I'm speaking from experience and I am not some old guy. I've just turned 31 and been a born-again Christian for 11 years. I recall when I gave my life to the Lord, how He saved me from my sin and despair when I was just on the verge of doing myself in, taking my life.

There was I, just 19 and full of the will to live. Yet, day in day out, I was in hell as inexplicable pains pierced and paraded my whole system. I had been to doctors but they all told me I was healthy. They couldn't find anything wrong with me. They thought I was faking it; that I wanted to quit school or something.

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