If you are seeking the truth, if you are not satisfied with your current state of mind and health, if you want to have peace, love and joy, then read on.

So I planned to go back that Saturday to get ready for the new semester. But Pearce, my Oxford PhD. friend -- one of the leaders of JESUS Army -- begged me to stay for one more night because they were going to have a big celebration that evening and all the JESUS communities would be coming.

I stayed and how nice that I did. The hall in Rugby, in the English Midlands, was packed full that evening. I saw children, women, men, the old and young. Everyone. The place was charged. Full of men and women with hearts for God.

Soon there was praise. Exuberant praise as men, women and children, brandishing different sorts of instruments, raised them to the heavens and their voices too in praise of the passion of their souls. I was completely mesmerized; never ever seen anything like it before.

Then it was preaching time. The founder, Noel, was the speaker. After the opening greetings, he became immersed in some sort of holy aura. I loved what my eyes were seeing. The guy's eyes were closed as he preached, which he did for 3 hours yet without anyone feeling bored, yawning or sleeping.

At the end of his rapturous sermon, he called on all of us to come to the altar. The place was flooded with kingdom seekers. There was no room for me, but he asked for us to seek the Lord wherever we were; to kneel and ask. So I knelt and in less than 3 minutes, I felt a tinkling, a certain soothing heat in my belly and before I realized I was waffling away in this strange but extraordinarily sweet language. I felt power exude in my members.

As we drove back that evening, I couldn't help but speak in tongues all along. I laughed and laughed, smiled and spoke this seemingly Eastern European language. And I slept like a baby that evening.

The following day, I went back to Canterbury, engulfed in love. I just wanted to help people, anybody.

Eleven years on and my greatest passion is to please Him because He first pleased me.

What about you my friend; do you know Him? This is your destiny. He is the open door to your unspoken dreams. [Read His promises in the Bible: "I'll never leave nor forsake you," says He. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor has it entered the heart of man the things that Christ has gone to prepare for us.

Come unto Him today. He's the healer of the broken heart.

He's the prince of peace, the joy giver.

Come to JESUS.

He's Everything You'll Ever Need.


Know what? You're a hero if you made it to the end. The race in life is for the diehard. Keep up the good work.

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