Some people say they can't write

They don't know how & where to start

I say

"If you can talk

If you can feel

If you can think

If you have joys

Sorrows. Concerns. Aspirations

If you are human

You can write"

Write With Purpose

Write to inform

Write to educate

Write to entertain

Write to inspire

Write to activate

Write to please

Write to displease

Write to admonish

How to Write

Write with flair, finesse

Write with panache, charisma

Write with authority

Captivate the reader’s attention

Engage them fully


Take ‘em to a different world, if possible,

Take ‘em away from the mundane and the tedious

Away from the real world

For the real world can be boring

Make their dreams come true

Constrain yourself , be down-to-earth only when absolutely necessary [as in technical writing & school work]

Write live, don’t procrastinate

Write unperturbed, especially for artistic writing

Seek a quiet, inspirational place

Be spontaneous

What to Write

Write what you see

Write what you feel

Write what you hear

Write what you smell

Write what you think

Nike says Just Do It

I say Just Write


What Not to Do

Don’t doubt yourself

Don’t edit yourself too much, let the editor do that

Don’t put it off for another day

Do it NOW!


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Paul LeJOY, 1999