Chapter VI

Adiola Lost His Mind

As far as I know, Adiola, a Nigerian, did not end up dead, but his story is also a tragedy, nonetheless. His story is like that of his fellow-Africans. Running away from poverty, he borrowed money, bought a ticket and ended up in Taiwan.

Unlike Jackson, Adiola didn’t seem to have enrolled at a school, nor could he find a job. This is all my guess. Whatever the case, it seems Adiola couldn’t take it any longer. Living day and night without a job, being unable to make ends meet, unable to help himself and his parents, perhaps being unable to repay the loan, plus the police crackdowns, the headache became just too much for Adiola.

Destitute, he lost his mind. The parks became his home. Adiola became a vagabond. A lunatic.