While all other things will come to pass, the only thing that will last is love. In our world today, wars, hatred, lust, greed, betrayal, sabotage and millions of other bad things abound. We hear people sing love songs, yet, the next day they are divorced or they fight or even kill their spouses. We see others in the world starving while we have enough to eat and to spare; yet we are tight-fisted.
We know how none of us came into this world with wealth. We all entered this world naked and eventhough we may be clothed when we die, we go back naked. Hence the folly of material possessions, the greed, fighting and all.
But when it really comes down to facts, the only thing that will last is love. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love does not envy. Love does not seek its own. Love loves. Love knows how to weep when others weep. Love is not puffed up. Love is gentle. Love is meek. Love knows how to turn the other cheek. How to walk an extra mile.
In the life after death, all is love. Unspeakable love. Full of wonder. No hate there. No racism there. No lust, no greed, no wars, no killing there. Only love. Everlasting, never-ending love.
Do you have this love today? Is your heart bubbling with it? Can you love somebody from the bottom of your heart and the depth of your soul? Let's start to make this world a better place, just like our heavenly Father intended. Trust me, we can make it. We can love somebody. We can smile and reach out with a helping hand. Love. Love. Love. The only thing that will last.
We don't have to wait till we get there. There, to our ultimate home of love. Of pristine beauty. Of immaculate surroundings. Of wonder. Of grace. Of everything we'd ever need. Heaven.

Beautiful People

Of all of God's creation, men and women are the most complex machines there are. Machines that can repair themselves. Machines that think. Machines that are conceived in the womb as an embryo through the fusion of an egg from the female and a sperm from the male. Machines that develop gradually and within nine months the faetus becomes a miniature human in its own right.
While infants, these machines continue developing rapidly, especially their brain. Those curious minds, though naughty most times.
At five, they attend kindergarten and begin to learn. Still very curious. But start getting restless at 11. But at fourteen, they start to get bored. By sixteen, they are looking for someone to brighten up their lives. That sunshine. At twenty, marriage is already on their minds. Two years later, they start to think of kids. Spouse to take care of. Then the wrinkles. Soon, it's the grave. But their lives never stop there. There's a whole new world awaiting them. A fantastic existence if only they'd grasp the opportunity.
Beautiful people. Earth, just a stage for them. The beautiful body they're clothed in just temporary. A heavenly incorruptible one awaits them. If only they'd take it. If only they'd take it. Beautiful people.
Beautiful people. They laugh and cry. They kill and love. They hate. They murder. They steal. But they also help. They care. They smile.

©Paul LeJOY EKANE, Taiwan, 1998


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