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My world was on a different plane, different latitude.

And how I wanted to tell everyone about it! I who hated church now loved to go there even everyday were it not for the fact that I lived some 100 miles away from London. I would go out in the streets, on the buses, in all my correspondence and tell everyone about my new-found joy. How mom was happy!

I've always been her favorite child. I knew that even as I was growing up. My elder brother thought I was getting all the favors, and like in the Cain and Abel biblical story, he would kill me if he could only get away with it. Of her five children, I was the first to follow in her footsteps. She rejoiced with the angels. She'd always called me daddy since she named me after her deceased father. But now she called me brother since it's customary for Christians to address each other so. She was heartened to know that her prayers had gone beyond the roof and excited that I could join her in prayers for the souls and wellbeing of my two sisters and two brothers and others.

Above all, she thanked the Lord for me, my salvation. Receiving letters from me brought her unspeakable joy.

I loved people, moreso those whose hearts have been touched by the love of the Lord. So one day, as my friends and I were walking along the beach in Margate, Kent, England and saw some folks distributing literature and talking to people, I had the inkling to meet them. I found out that they were hot for the Lord. I rejoiced when I knew them. I read their literature voraciously when I got home and wrote back to them immediately. They were doing a great job, I commended.

They were very glad for the compliment and particularly to know that I was who I was. Christmas that year, I decided to go see them. I stayed with them over the new year and was planning to return that Saturday morning. I had been to their farms and community houses and seen love at work. Though the majority of them were well-educated and with good jobs, they decided to give it all up in favor of communal living. I was amazed and thought all Christians needed to live this way.

They shared everything apart from clothes and beds [except married couples, of course]. They would worship before eating. Everything revolved around Jesus. Wonderful, I mused. I may have to join them but I'd to finish my degree first.

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