"I read your book, not yet finished. All writers are survivors. (Adrienne Rich's words). Survivors are my heroes. I am sharing your book and your stories with many of my friends. I hope you do well. You deserve the best. We all do."

Christina, a Taiwanese writer


"I wouldn't describe myself as an avid reader, but the moment I started reading your book on Wednesday evening, I got hooked. I finished reading it by noon the following day. The stories are moving and the style and the terseness are compelling."

Craig, Taipei American School graduate


"Well, Paul, thank you for writing such a book. I'm really anxious to read it. Should be an eye-opener."

Sharon, member of Taipei International Church. A white American.


"Just bought your book. Only leafed through it so far. It looks very interesting. Is anyone translating it into Chinese? Is it being distributed outside Taiwan?"

With best wishes from Jacob Zhu in Taiwan."


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