Dear Paul

"... I'd like to thank you for giving me your Black in Taiwan. I like this book! I introduced it to my classmates and they also love it very much... I think your book is really a success. When I was reading it, I was curious as to what you'd say next.

"It's a good beginning and I'm really proud to be your student."

Laura Lai, University Student, 20-year old Taiwanese


"Paul LeJOY,

I read your book and it's fantastic... We share the similar views. I really want to meet you."

Fred Medina, a New Yorker in Taiwan


"Paul, congratulations! I read your book from cover to cover in one sitting. I may not agree with everything you wrote, but I really enjoy your style. It's so poignant."

Fred Voigtmann, a white American lawyer


"I didn't sleep nor eat the moment I got hold of your book. Your style of writing is wonderful, and I like the way you describe the Taiwanese. It's so succinct. If you were near me, I'd give you a mighty hand shake to congratulate you. Thank you for writing such a marvelous book. I'll do my best to tell everyone I know about it."

Sarah, a black South African


"I really like your book. I like the way you analyze the Taiwanese. It's very accurate."

Justine, a young Taiwanese student at National Taiwan University/now @ Harvard University


"Paul, I've just finished reading your book. Man, you've got talent. I'll remember you in my prayers to write book II."

Sammy, a Nigerian teacher


"I read your book in one sitting. I think you should send a copy to the Cameroon Office of Tourism. You've done a lot to put the country on the map,"

Tim Nuttall, a white British computer sales manager


"Paul, I read your book last Sunday on my way to Ilan. I like it. Congratulations!"

Nate Showalter, Former Pastor, Taipei International Church



Very, very good book... enjoyed it very much."                 TERRY WALKER in Taoyuan, Taiwan


I read your book on the flight from Taiwan to Belgium. It felt like talking to you in person. I love the way you communicate through writing.                                      Paul Notteboom, Brussels, Belgium


I met you at Sunshine Toastmasters Club last year and bought your book. I have learned a lot from it and I’ve read it again and again. Recently one story on newspaper surprised me. It said that a foreigner taught English in a kindergarten. One day a little girl pointed at a picture of black man and said to him "Monkey!" The guy asked the girl why she said so. She answered, "Because my teacher told me so."

I hope people can change their false concept.

Best regards

Jennie Yen


I live in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. This book was simply inspirational. I was sincerely touched by it. I too am a Cameroonian 'fellowsista'. I'm 18 and battling to have a visa for studies in Germany. So many discouraging events come up and just break me down. This is something I needn't describe (all the pain you go through to get a place at Uni...). And sometimes I associate those difficulties to the fact that I'm a black African. But your book is so inspirational that everytime I think about the stories in it, I'm willing to hope God has something bright for me out there. And it isn't because I come from a chaotic continent, that my dreams cannot come true.

Thanks a million for your book. It was God's plan for you to write it and for many people I know to introduce it to me.

Hugs n' kisses,

P.S. I know you receive quite an important number of positive comments. But would you please e-mail me so we could correspond?                                           Menoosha, Abidjan, Ivory Coast


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