LeJOY's Romances depicts a young man who can't take his eyes off women. A sweet-talker and dapper dresser, women can't help but love him. But Zola makes several faux pas: he even goes as far as luring other people's wives and girlfriends, a mistake he doesn't seem to learn from. Zola has a disease: he's forever addicted to the feminine allure.

But not all women are his prey. Like all men, Zola can't get every woman he wants; especially those that make his heart throb.

LeJOY's Romances perhaps teaches us all the folly of flirtatious demeanor. In his didactic portrayal, the author appears to ask one question: Why can't a man stick to one woman when that's exactly what the adoring wives and girlfriends desperately want their men to do?

Discover the folly of romance.

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